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Lightbulb 100 yard Target for Air rifles 12ft lbs/16 joules - no FAC

100 yard Target for Air rifles 12ft lbs/16 joules - no FAC - to be called - 100 Yard Air

I've been thinking (yes, that is dangerous ) about the idea of 100 yard paper target competition for some time now.
Probably winter only, so competition could be shot from cover as per Smallbore etc.

The idea is to keep it simple, minimal rules (ha! ha! )

a.) Air rifles 12ft lbs/16 joules no FAC
1.) Springers, PCP, or Any Other Type, Any Calibre i.e. no separate classes
2.) Open i.e. no grades
3.) Shooting Jackets and Gloves allowed
4.) No Slings
5.) Prone section using a bipod or front sandbag, no rear sandbag
(no Benchrest or F Class type bipods - simple Harris type)
6.) All rifles would be chronographed at every competition
Just before handing in cards for scoring, direct from the firing line
With the pellets used for the competition

b.)Three sections of 15 shots = 45 shots
Time for each section = 30 minutes - total time limit 1hr 30 minutes - that gives 2 minutes per shot
1.) Sitting (FT style) - 15 shots
2.) Kneeling (FT style) - 15 shots
3.) Prone using a bipod or sandbag (not Benchrest or F Class types - simple Harris type) - 15 shots
4.) No rear sandbag to be used

c.) Target Size & scoring
1.) target size - standard 100yard Smallbore target
2.) inward gauging

d.) Entry cost
1.) Cost of three targets - 1 for each section
2.) Range fee
3.) Entry Fee
4.) Total Cost

This is just a beginning point of my idea.
So does anybody have any thoughts on this idea?

I have been able to make 5 inch, 10 shot group @ 100 yards in low wind conditions,
with a 12ft lb air rifle, Steyr Lg110, using .177cal 7.9 grain pellets.
When the wind increases it gets much more difficult.
I suspect using heavier pellets would help.
There is nothing impossible to those who will try!

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