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Default M.A.D Entries

Here are the entries so far.


David Allam
Niel Ashman
Tony Belas
Edward Belcher 14-16
Simon Belcher
Roger Bentley
Louise Bignall
Vince Blackman
Tim Bohr
David Bowles
Mick Bromage
Samuel Bromage
Andrew Burgess
Sean Cameron
Mark Camoccio
Ryan Charlton
Gary Chillingworth
Chris Coombes
Shane Crompton
Joshua Crompton 14-16
Chris Cundey
Stephen Davey
Lloyd Davies
Matthew Dimmer
John Dove
Stuart Doyle
Pete Dutton
Michael Elliott
Mike Everson
Patrick Fitzgerald
Mick Fletcher
Paul Foyle
Lisa Furniss
Guy Gillies
Steve Gillies
Gedas Girzadas
Zak Godsall
Mick Goodenough
Ken Gould
Jean Greatrex
Kyle Hampton 14-16
Ray Hampton
Ian Harford
Lee Hartness
Donald Hartness
Douglas Hartness
Dave Hatfield
Greg Hensman
Greg Hensman (J) 14-16
Steven Hesp
Steve Holmyard 2
Jack Houghton 9-13
Jon Houghton
Ross Hudson
Dave Hutton
Mike Isaac
Stephanie Kirkwood
Roger Lait
Rob Lamerton
Anthony Leney 2
Dave Lillywhite
Darren Lindsey
Patrick Macmaster
Clive Madley
James Madley
Lorraine Madley
Jonathan Major
Wayne Marriott
Andrea Marshall
Bruce Marshall
Dave Martin
Lou Martin
Ryan Martin 14-16
Colin Matthews
Mick McTighe
Paul Mitchell
John Morgan
Bob Morris
John Murray
Chris Norris
Piotr Nurzwnski
Simon Parker**
Nigel Peckham
Darren Phillips 2
Peter Quenault
Owen Quenault
Darren Quincey
Neal Rainbow
Dave Ramshead
Ben Russell 14-16
Paul Russell
Phil Russell
Anne Russell
Geoff Ryder
Luke Saunders 9-13
Lloyd Scott Upton
Roy Simmons
Daniel Smith 14-16
Johnny Smith
Nigel Smith
Jane Sparkes
Pete Sparkes
Philippa Stone
Jennie Stone
Chris Sutcliffe
Colin Sykes
Larissa Sykes 9-13
Bert Tate
Nick Thomas
Gwynn Thomas
Janie Travers
Rik Travers
Adrian Turner
Simon Vant
George vant 14-16
Ollie Wadcock
Rachel Waite
Darrell Waite
Danny Webb
Marie Webb
Dave Welham
Stephen Wells 2
Norman Wells 2
Terry Wheatley
Steve White
Richard Woods
Andy Yates

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