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Originally Posted by RobF View Post

im not talking about fixing a seal yourself, but if your into regularly servicing guns for other people, then i think you should be rfd
Sorry Rob, that doesn't make sense If I replaced some parts for a sub 12ft/lb gun myself, like seals then that's OK, but to do it for a friend, I'd need an RFD - how do you come up with the reasoning for that?

If I decided then to sell my gun, I would need to get an RFD to be able to sell it, because then it would be someone elses gun, wouldn't it?

Sorry mate, that's daft, that is!

Now if you phrased it " you would need an RFD in order to fit an external power adjuster which would take it to FAC levels, that gun to be supplied to an FAC holder with the correct slot on their permit", then I would agree with you
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