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Yes, I focus from low to high as well, turning the wheel towards me.

Prior to the T35 I had a big Nikko and I had got used to the level of sharpness. When I got the T35 I was initially stopping short as I thought, well, that's sharp. But I found that if I carried on turning a shade more, the image got even sharper, better than I had been used to.

I now focus from low to high, go through the best focus until it starts to lose the edge, then move the wheel back at least a quarter of a turn and approach the best focus point again. Now I am ready for it and stop at the right place.

We had our 55 yard ranging plate (accidentally) about a foot or so too close to the zeroing hut; if you set the scope up with this, the 55 yarders out on the course looked too long. I went and taped one 55 yarder to make sure, and that was when we realised the ranging plate had been moved from its rightful position.

I focus on the burrs on the heads of the target fixing screws. It was all the Nikko could do to define the heads.
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