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Default Tested Prosport & 97kth with T35

Spent 4 hours today testing and setting up the T35 scope. First i fitted onto the 97. I honestly couldnt get on with it. Have used the 97 with an EB sniper and BSA 8-82 ,and it was fine. Just didnt suit the Falcon,well not for me anyway. So i fitted scope onto Prosport and i found it spot on. Initially it took awhile just to put a decent group together at 55yds. It seems alot harder using a high mag scope. Standers are really scary lol. However im now confident that with a little more practise the T35 is gonna improve my shooting. Anyway the 97 is now in the for sale section. Have been comparing both rifles for at least a month. I just prefer the Prosport, it just feels better balanced regardless of which scope you use. I also prefer the CD trigger,find it easier to set up. Infact the prosport is easy to strip and maintain and is extremely accurate, and has the looks to match.
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