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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
If there are other reasons for bringing a prosecution ie. working on Sec1 rifles/making rifles Sec1 illegally then that is the case that should be progressed.

It matters nought personally to me whether Lee is guilty of this particular demeanor or not. It appears not, as these charges were dropped. If they were so important they should have been progressed.

What is being claimed is another agenda from either a manufacturer or the police. Another fact is the rifles were sent to be examined by Ripley who retained them for some time, presumably outside of police control. Hardly the way to treat evidence.
What is important, or should be to any airgunner is that fact that the Tester decided he could adjust the rifles to get a result. Note, if this is accepted there is absolutely nothing that says when that adjustment has to stop or even what the adjustment can be. The Tester can make any rifle or pistol over powered as there are no restraints.
This means there is no safe way to set your rifles under the 12 FPE limit.

So the people that reported him were given access to the guns after they had been seized Thats a little bit naughty to say the least I'm no lawyer but even I could have thrown enough reasonable doubt around court on that one. As for the tester turning the guns up IMO that is wrong they should have been tested as they came in. There are now an awefull lot of worried AA, Theoben, Walther, Steyr owners plus a few others out there I should imagine, AMTA/BASC need to get off there collective arses and get a definative answer on what "Capable" means and exactly what the test proceedure is!!! because at the moment it would appear that they are making it up as they go along, or what the CPS think they can get away with!!
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