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Forensic tests use a range of light, medium and heavy pellets.
PCPS generally produce more power with heavier pellets while springers do the same with lighter pellets.

Given the cost of a forensic test may quite a few hundred pounds, perhaps up to £700, there would have to be a very good reason to test in the first place, perhaps if another offence has taken place such as armed trespass.

The implication in the case here is that easily adjustable external adjusters are in the spotlight. THe Steyr external adjuster has a lock screw. If this is very tight, it would be almost impossible to adjust easily. The problem if it was loose then power could well be upped with something as simple as a toothpick and you could be sure that is what would be done in the test.
Mine is very tightly done up and I have permanently blanked off the adjuster. It is no longer externally adjustable. There needs to be a significant disassembly now to adjust power.
Well it was lovely while it lasted...
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