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Originally Posted by chrispro97 View Post
this is how my liecensing officer told me in your case dont worry,he said its like a car can do 100mph but you no you can only do 70mph on a motorway,all new guns will hav a anti tamper or can not adjust past legal,but all guns which have been made before the date of this new law which hasnt gone through court yet,is its down to the owner to make sure its under legal power and does not have a power slide ie goes from 12 to 24 in a single push,steyr's like mine hav a locking allen on the side just make sure this is tight and place the trigger guard back over it once the power is set,ps making sure u aint got a hole in trigger guard to get the allen into this allen key if u hav block it off etc,the adjuster then cant be turned etc without taking trigger guard off all so you can cover the adjuster
Am no lawyer, but if the chap is guilty on "all 3 counts" ...does it make it automatically ILLEGAL to own & possess a Steyr FT LG110 with external velocity adjustors (ie: the non FAC kosher rifles???)

Also, where is is this new law/ruling published so we can all read it ???

So a court case decides the new law ??? I though Parliament has to OK/Greenlight the court ruling, and then they (the powers that may be) make amendments to the already existing GUN laws, which become ENFORCEABLE at a certain date in the future.

Do any of you know what is the actual position, where we NON FAC STEYR FT owners stand ?... with regards to owning & possessing NON FAC guns with a external power adjustor
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