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Here is a quote from a member over on BBS:

I was speaking to a guy in a gunshop about this case, here's what he had to say;

This Lee guy worked for ripleys but started doing sneaky work at home, services etc, taking custom from ripleys. Also he was turning rifles up for people without a FAC or without himself being legal too. When Ripleys found out they called the police which is why they ended up at his door.

Like I said, this is just what a stranger told me. I've no idea if it is true or false.

OK, at this point in time this is hearsay, however, lets just consider the implications if it is true.

So a report is recieved of an unlicensed individual modifying pcp's to allow a considerable power increase for non-FAC holders - the police respond and seize guns. In the light of the reason for the seizure would it not be appropriate to see exactly what the guns in his possession were capable of achieving?

Now lets be clear here neither the police or FSS are stupid, they realise that there are a minority of idiots who will flaunt the law by making field adjustments to alter power for use and regaining a veneer of legality by winding it back.

CPS aren't stupid either, they have had enough enough problems in the past with cases falling down on bad evidence so if they thought the adjustment was warranted, it would suggest that there is more to this than just the random persecution of an otherwise law abiding individual.

One other question if an individual was re-activating old type de-acts or converting blank firers to take live, would we be as concerned as for an indiviual who may have been creating unlicensed S1's for non-FAC holders?
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