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Default Situation in Malta

As Kriss said things here work totally the opposite ,I just got my new HFT rig a Whalter lg300 dominator with a bushnell elite 6500 for hft use,As you know I been to the worlds hft in Kelmarsh 2010 and I got this new rifle to come again in 2011 coz it was so great guys to meet you and shoot with you , I remember it everyday the experience,It was the greatest 3 days I done with you from sat @kibworth where I met Greg / ChrisC,and they introduced me to lot of you guys which I can say you all made me feel one of you.
Now till things sort up we are without practise coz our sport is not treated as others coz airguns are not important as firearms here so if they example decide to shoot claypidgeon we are out of the way.In any case I still come to uk at kelmarsh worlds and have a go to have that fun I had this year with all of you but If our situation remains for longer time as is my scores can`t be so nice but having part in the game is still as nice .
Someday I am thinking even of moving to uk for good where in that case we meet everyweekend and where my hobby is well treated and important ,not for now but one day you will read a post for any help about my move on what to do ,off course here we have the sun and heat but the price we pay for it is high coz nothing more becides that.
Wayne Galea
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