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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
As Rob says, what is a perfect length course when set up can very quickly become too hard and somethng of a lottery in silly wind or like at least (for me) 3 of the Gp this year pretty easy if the wind drops and you dont need to come out of kill at any range. Good course need to be built on the fly is the way.
Gp tend t be mainly 40 -55 yards but I like the odd 35 - 40 yarder in a lane, especially if its target two. I get more nervouse on a "short" 30+ full kill if I have just knocked over the 50 + no 1 target!
Setting up a course is an art in itself. I realise that you want to set a course up for GP practise, but if you can help put out a Winter League course you might get an idea of some of the tricks to fooling the competitor are.

Our club has had a few Winter shoots and every shoot has had a different layout. I do remember one 3 years ago were the first lane was a standing lane a 20yd followed by a just under a 30yd one. However because you had to rotate a few degrees to get the 2nd the rear foot became slightly higher compared to the front. There were quite a few misses on it.

Admittedly being able to plan were the targets are going to go in the weeks before helps. RobF has shot these courses and whilst they may seem a little short in range, about 40yds average, the difficulty comes with the wind and know one has cleared a course. Dense undergrowth and open patches makes the wind tricky. We have had at times two targets on the same lane within 5 yards of distance of each other and you have to give off the kill on opposite side to the previous target.
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