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Originally Posted by el tel View Post
(1) Ave length of course in YDS.
I would have said in the region of 43-47yds
(2) Max range for standers
I believe they are 45yds
(3) Max range for kneelers
I believe they are 45yds
(4) Smallest kill zone for reducers
25mm Max range 35yds
You might like to consider that how the terrain may affect the distance and windage.
If you have woods with clearings in then putting the target either in the light or in a darker part can fool range finding at times. Tunnel effects by having bracken growing each side also help making the challenge.

Having a very long range with a very short target can cause the shooter to mis dial if over a turn between the distances. Our club does have a permanent FT and a HFT ranges of 20 shots. At least 50% are moveable as well being situated on 50 gallon barrels at either full, 2/3, 1/2 or 1/3 hieghts. Means that every so often they are moved so people do not get complascent.

You could look here at the BFTA rules which should have all the details on ranges you want.
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