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Maybe a long ride from where you are, but the SWEFTA 2010 league sees round 8 taking place this Sunday at the South Devon ground not far from Torquay. You can find the ordinates on the club finder page.

There will probably be 40 or more entrants with a wide variety of rifles, I can think of several EV2s, several Pro-Targets, a whole flight of Steyrs , and a couple of Walthers. There will most likely be one or two of the new Hammerite guns as well, sorry I meant to say Hammerli. Not to mention some Ripleys and a couple of hybrids, a S400 in a Meccano-like stock which is actually stunningly accurate.

As Rob says, most folk are only too pleased to demo their rigs. Mine's a mark 1 EV2 with a T35 on top, but unless you're left handed you'll never manage to look through it.
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