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Originally Posted by cb2591 View Post
Well think im losing the plot.Sold my pcp gear to concentrate on springer. Now im thinking of really getting into Ft. So... thinking about selling everything lol and getting a good FT rig. I really do prefer the FT style to HFT. Infact i enjoy the dialling method much more than holdover/under. So im looking at the EV2 as a possibility. Prob a mk3, trhough i see there is a mk4 on the horizon,or is it already here? Any thoughts on the EV2 would be appreciated.Would use the T35 initially, think its a good scope.
If you can, get down a club and have a go (owners are usually willing to let you try as long as they feel ok with you).

There's a different character to each... except the EV which has none but in performance terms, they're all on par. Each has it's pros and cons.

Assuming it's working, like the others, the EV isn't a bad bit of kit. It's fit is pretty good for most. Like the others though, there are a few temperamental ones out there, even straight off the shelf. Not trying to put you off... that's the reality of pcp's.

I'd try them and see which you like.
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