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Default 2010 showdown

Another great showdown, here are some shots to help you remember that Rob really did win it one year

(All in Jest of course).

Top organisation as ever and good marshelling all round.

Well ok, some of them were more flat out rather than flat out working. still at least he could not knock me out this year

Some may have looked as if they had just come out of the pub

Now if I had seen this or bothered to crono the Njr, i may have done better in rd 1
What about holding the Showdown in Greece or Spain?

This was probably James'es best shot of the day, gun or camera!

Doz is not the same shooter without the Gimp coat

I know the Welsh translation, but whats "Your foots over the Line" in Hungarian?

Or Brummie come to that

Big man, little Legs

Not so little legs

Calps was so gutted at being knocked out, he needed an extra large bucket to be sick in, either that or it was the drink the night before??

I`m Having a chill before I wiln the Showdown

Now come on Chubby, we all know its not that big

Showdown winning secret spotted

This is not a dirty knee, rob was dipping his pellets in the mud to make them fly straight

Great shot, dont lend him your Camera

Very serious look on James, think he is taking it far too seriously?

The Grim reaper turned up

But Holly got away again

Hey Chris, whats the RAC number please?

The Girls as ever working hard to sort Stats out

Least, they were working hard if they knew someone was looking.

It was back to partying as soon as they thaught I had gone

After a night of lap dancers organised by Chubby, Berty and Doz,, i see Little Jack's Balls have dropped a bit further today. No wonder he could not concentrait on shooting (His Ev2)

If free floating works for James, it will do for me

Lets see it in action, thats it, Syke out the long windy stander James

Opps, I think the plans has been blown away

I`ll have a quick peak make sure Simon did not catch mu grimmace?

Bugger, the vulture was waitting

The semi final needed cool shooting on the Kneelers up in the trees

and again

Perhaps not

Neil if you dont like the photo abover, James took it

Mr Schofield lines up another hit

Mrs. Schofield is not so sure?

As Rob got nearer the final, things started leaking out from his rear area

Those that did not reach the final still got their trophies

The Final

james went into hiding

Some had to watch from afar

Standing Lane and Rob was 2 up on Ian

make that one up

1 shot advantage and just these two to go

They needed full concentration, or was it prayers

Well deserved

Of course, if you could not win, you could always try stealing the winning set up

Until you were caught and told off

Give it back (and belly)

And Lastly, one for robs Wall

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