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It's the top 7 scores from each Grand Prix. However once qualified, you can't qualify again, so it tends to get easier the more you go on in the season as more people have got in and out of your way. The problem is however with the shoot moving around regions, some local heroes will turn up for their close GP's, so it's never a given. The further GP's such as Scotland or the South West tend to have lower attendances (mind you i can see numbers being higher after East Devon's hosting this year)... that presents more of a chance if you excuse the term.

But it is getting harder... the first year I managed it from C Grade on a 37 (top score was 42) at a low attendance South West shoot... later in the year I think Rich managed it on a 35 at a CSFTA GP at newbury...

if you see the BFTA scores on you can see the qualifiers from this year, and then look up the GP scores they put in... this year there was one B grader, one C, a handful of A's and a barrage of AA's at the last GP. Oh and one piston shooter... Nick.


But this year they also had stand-ins for 'byes' (people who for one reason or another couldnt be present)... so it meant that you could get a shoot if you didn't qualify ( i think empty slots went to those marshalling first ).

What region are you in? Do they have a regional showdown at the end of the winter league?

It's a strange event... not like any other... and it's wierd just how much crap you manage to dispense with in your routine... today i was quite at home running in around 30 secs... in a gp i usually will burn 1:30... quite what i'm doing with that time I don't know... probably waiting for a polite bit of breeze i guess...
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