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Originally Posted by Thumbhole View Post
Can anyone tell me the good bad and ugly points, if any got a chance of mint one less than 5000 pellets from new, with a deben 10-50-side focus scope what should i expect to pay for it as a combo.
Well, this one went for: GBP825


Big_Phil555's review:

Depends on the serial nbr., and there was a recent one I hankered after on BBS & here which went for a fair price, MINT, but early serial #....add the price 2nd hand price of the Deben scope, and you might be onto a sweet deal. Depends what the seller is expecting ??? I know for a fact you can source BRAND NEW ones in Spain for Euro 1850+ ...and they are in blue

Ugly point ? - weighs a ton ; need to add a Jon Harris rail onto barrel. Add a cheek riser as well; parts are scarce, but I found a source in Poland....some replacement seals are on eBay from a Canadian seller. Lastly, you might have to shift the barrel band to the rear to cure all POI issues; front heavy ; get Maestro, to perhaps sell you a moderator (not a true silencer, as It has no baffles - see my pics in my album). If its to much hassle to mod, you may well save some $$$$, by getting a Steyr FT as It shoots sweet out of the box. Love it or hate it...I love it !

Positive- barrel accuracy, if you have top 'hand picked' one...cracking trigger. Original design (some find ugly) . Ask Maestro what he thinks with regards to his Ft performance

Let us know what you decide ?

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