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Originally Posted by Ripleysniper View Post
Where are the stats to show 'most people get the first shot off in 5 to 20 seconds'? I find that a bit dubious.
Just anecdotal observation, but most fairly sorted FT shooters will load, pre-set range approximately and make sure they are well-aligned to the target before shouldering the gun. Target acquisition is therefore quick, and it only need a tweak to gather focus. 15-20 may be a tad unedrestimated, but I doubt if it's much more than 30 for the first shot. I don't consider myself to be quick, but generally get both off in less than a minute.

It's a rare shooter that goes over 1:30 on a free-positional lane: some do, but not many. I'm not suggesting eliminating 2 mins, but putting a maximum time on bum-down to 2nd shot. That may help some, but also ensure that the shoots "move on".

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