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Originally Posted by JerryD View Post
I'd like to see a total time limit from when you sit down at the gate, say 3 minutes, with no pre-loading. Most people get their first shot off within 5-20 sec of putting the scope to the eye, but have already spent some time in preparation before even looking through the scope. If you included the time of wriggling into position, opening up scope covers, getting jock-straps all sorted out etc. then 3 minutes starts to put a bit of pressure on. It also cuts out the "let's have a massive pre-shot analysis before the gun goes into the shoulder" routine, or the "we'll just wait for the wind to die down" syndrome.

I'm sure Mr. Bunny or Mr. Pigeon doesn't sit still waiting obligingly for the wind to die down, and it's meant to be Field Target, right?
Where are the stats to show 'most people get the first shot off in 5 to 20 seconds'? I find that a bit dubious.
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