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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Having done 80 shots practise yesterday, 1 minte per lane for two targets and never really got close to the 60 seconds once, it made me think if the Gp timing of 2 minutes per lane (2 targets) was reduced to say 90 seconds, how much would it shave off the day? The gp on average are taking 3+ half -4 hours?
Would it put a bit more edge on the compition?

I would like to see it change, what do other Gp shooters think
I think a lot of the hold ups this year in the GP's were problems with the targets and horns going off, I seem to remember at Tawd vale this year in the field behind the bottom end of the course there were people walking around which held the shoot up by ten mins, and on the other hand at Devon GP this year we hand finished in 2 hours.
Also because FT shooting has become popular again sometimes we have on lane One 3 groups of shooters.
I think we should keep it the same most of the time I have shot a lane in less than 1.30 mins but for newer shooters the 2 mins is about right.

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