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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post

See thing is, i have been hanging round with No 1 Ringer all summer through the Gp series and the idea has rubbed off on me, now who can we blame for that???
And its not Tony that does the grading, poor bloke had enough to do as it is!

You know the score, as long As I think those starting A class in the Gp 2011 series should not be in AA, i will elect to tick the upgrade to a higher class box, something you forgot to do, 9 times this year

Lastly, dont forget I am Tondu Gp champion 2010, no matter what class its the same targets we shoot, I just hit more over than you
You were whooped by the Ev2 Friday and I have not even got the "No1" scope on it or know my dialings. And I can hit standers and Kneelers with it lol

God it will be funny if we al drawn against each other in the Final sunday
Those whom the gods wish to destroy . they first make mad . ( or they give them an EV2 ??? HOLLY
heading for the fall big boy . the closest you boys will get is round three .
" Be your self , everybody else is taken "
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