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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Having done 80 shots practise yesterday, 1 minte per lane for two targets and never really got close to the 60 seconds once, it made me think if the Gp timing of 2 minutes per lane (2 targets) was reduced to say 90 seconds, how much would it shave off the day? The gp on average are taking 3+ half -4 hours?
Would it put a bit more edge on the compition?

I would like to see it change, what do other Gp shooters think
i mainly get mine shots off in 1 minute to 1min 15,only goes to 1min 30 on standers,and alot off shooters r about the same who ive shot with this seasion,but i no some shooters struggle at 2mins
cr 97 in jim vickers ft stock bsa big 60 scope, and silly about of hunting guns
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