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There is a lot of speculation about this job, it would appear that the only information about the case seems to has come from the defendant so all you have is his version of the events and he has been found guilty on 3 separate accounts. I heard today that Steve gave evidence but that was basically to confirm that the guns were not manufactured using F.A.C. parts.

Anyone who has had dealings with Crown Court will know that things donít move fast the case started on Tuesday and was done and dusted on Wednesday. Doesnít sound like there was much expert evidence a court would normally allow a day for experts. I have seen appeals for speeding that have lasted longer.

After he is sentenced in October you might find out the full facts. Just because he has been to Crown doesnít automatically make the result case law. Either he elected Crown or the Magistrate carrying out the pretrial review felt that the lower Court didn't have sufficient powers to deal with it.

So at this stage I wonít be loosing any sleep over it.
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