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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
but you have to get your guns seized for testing first.

and how many people do you know that have randomly had their door kicked in for no good reason and their guns seized?
I very much agree with the sentiment of RobF's posts. I shoot an anti tamper AAS400 and during the last GP season the fps varied by nearly 20fps from a normal 777 to 795! As the gun has not been touched (tuned) I was a littled startled to get such a large degree of change, who knows what it might have gone upto if I had left it in the sun for a couple of hours before crono-ing it. Does adjustment by the sun count? I seriously doubt it, but if I were to strip off the AT it could be modified and who would know?
I think there is very little likelihood of me getting stopped going to my club or a shoot and even less chance of my gun being tested, if it is then it will be about 777 unless someone applies a blowtorch to the aircylinder which will almost certainly take it over the 12flbs limit.
I would think the only people who might have cause for concern are the people who have had the anti tamper measures removed from a gun, as that could be argued as intent.
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