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Default How do you miss with an Ev2!

Seting myself up for a fall yes, but if you give it.......

Anyway, everytime over the last 2 years or so I have picked up and shot a club memebers Ev2 I have been blown away by how easy they are to shoot and how accurate at grouping the things are, even standers are a doddle, well the mk 2- 4 models.

So, after what I have to say was an outstanding Gp season with a 20 year old Njr and with the right Ev2 coming up for sale I now have an Ev 2, well I own the action bit anyway.
Got to sort a stock out which may take 2-3 months but will solder on with the Paul wilson stock for now. Once sundays showdown is over its likley the no1 Mk4 luep will be mounted on new Bkl mounts (apparently good mounts make a difference)
Not done a great deal yet apart from a little bit of getting to know things etc. I knew this action liked mozzies but i am not sure if they will be the guns ammo (hope so as I have 14 tins so its use or sell) or if the Jsb EXpress will be the winners, as they are in the Njr's.
One thing that did strike me on setting up was diffrence in drop from 50m down to 45,40,35m, given same scope height, 805 fps + 7.9 mozzie /Express.
Another test session today to see what the barrel like me thinks?

For reference save looking all the time!
Standard AA Air Stripper

D36 straight from tin in wind
D36 sized 4.50 is no wind or slight breeeze (should have used Sunday at Gp 3!)

D5 straight from Tin - Mega =np1 pellet

D40 sized to 4.50

50 m test 4/10/12. Temp about 13 and windy

all straight from tin
Die 5 - no drop and the tightest of the lot from the Tin. Said it before but for some reson seemingly less effected by wind that others.Die 8 - Dropped low in the kill, average results
Die 10 - No drop at 50 but not particually tight.
Die 36 - Tight group but showed a slight drop at 50m
D39 - no drop and tight ish groups given the wind
D40 N - Slight drop and average groups
D40AA - slight drop but nice tight group

Priest - Standard AA air Stripper

d 50 sized to 4.50
d 39 Sized to 4.50
D5 sized to 4.50

d 8 straight from Tin

Ostler Stripper Priest March 2013

in Priest from tin
Die 50
Die 8

Sized 4.50

Not tested - die 5, 36, 40.

April 2013 REV fitted with Ostler Air Stripper

Have not done a Comp yet to compare my windage against others, but it now seems on par with Priest.

Pellet tests with Ostler Air Stripper show

Straight form tin

D36 - Mega
D5 - Mega
D8 - Mega

May 15 2013

No 1 Luep is better at H - L. Got to be carefull with it not to go down past a target than back up, that leads to under ranging which is perhaps what i did twice on Sunday at gp2.

no 27 Luep however surprised me with its consistancy. Slight edge from L -H and thats how i usually use it.

So, its no 27 Luep on Priest and No 2 Stock for the Worlds.

2013 GP1 Millride Review

Priest in no 2 Stock, no 27 Leup with lubed Die 39/12 .

Well, thats the last GP I attend at Millrride??
Yesterday was a disapointmet really, cant remember not enjopying a Gp since,er, last time at Millride Gp! Though that in truth was a weather dissaster?
Pity really as I enjoyed the Xmas shoot at millride which was all in the woods.

Top shooting company with Phil James, turns out we were a well matched Pair, of PEARS !
Now Phil and I are both big lads, though he at a mere 17 stone is not quite in my 19 stone class.
Still, anything that means the gun points up is an extra differcult challenge for us Pear Class shooters!

We started on lane 6, 2/3rds of the way up the woods. The lanes in the woods were ok as we were moving uphill but more side on, thus although it was a struggle to breath and parallax the higher shots up the banks and trees, shooting was managable in that i was steady. Wind was almost predictable and apart from 1 lane, no more than 2 targets could be seen in a lane.

Hit the first 4 targets before first miss of the days many!

T15. Long target high up tree at top edge of wood. Same target or very simular was out at xmas. Sort of decided it was 50m and dialed for 49m, in truth it was probably 47 m and i should have spent more time on ranging? Saying that i gave it 1st dot (no 27 ret) and that was a touch too juchh wind, may have got it if dialed 47m?

T16 35m! Watching Phil shoot first, i noticed the strings bowing R - L though it seemd as if the wind should be coming L - r off field as this lane had turned 90 degrees at top of wood. Cross hair inside 3 and pellet, with strigns going left, went right! Down the middle would have had it!

T17 - 47m. Strings bowed well off L - r wind. Bird target so gave 1st Dot whicj meant Cross hair off plate. Watched the pellet sail unbelievably straight off into the grey cloud!

Having hit the first target in the field, the tough 45m angles one, thankfully El Capitano photographed me on that and not t20, swung round to the gimmie high up tree. 30m, full kill, Felt rock steady cross hair inside 9. Dont really know How i managed it but somewhow then rocked back as the shot went off and hit 1/4 inch above 12. First Wobble miss of day.

T21 - Stander, 30m. Slopping ground again but back this time. Could not get steady with too much weioght on back foot and missed high, poor shot not helps by shooting position.

T25 - 35m. Wobbled again, cross hair inside 9 but moved and split 9 edge. Pellet actually hit paddle but it did not go down, thaught of calling it but also thaught of third session !

T27 - Forgot range, think it was long but no matter as it was another miss due to slopping Wobble

t30- 47m. no idea. Bit of wobble, bit of strange wind?

T38 - Standers, 32m, Slopping ground again Not steady with too much weight on back foot and missed high, poor shot not helps by shooting position.

T40 - 45m. Inside 9, wobbled and hit half inch past 9!

T42. 45m. Cross hair in middle, hit 9 edge

T44 - 47m. Gave inside 3 as wind seemed to have switched again, but when i shot it had switched again and went just left. Down middle would have had it.

T47 - 49m Gave inside 9 and saled half inch past 3. No wind felt on legs, no strings moving and at this point Berty was behind me. I heard him say he would go down the middle at that point and i did not expect the pellet to move at all, then had some 60m of wind which was about the most i had along the grass field! Unreadble!

T 49 - 40m, somewhat ****** off and by now with bad back from leaning back into every shot, I miss dailed. Gave it 43m clicks. Aimimed inside 9, pellet hit 1. Would have just snuck in if i gave right clicks!

T3. High up banks in woods. 47m. Gave it first Dot which had just worked on T2, same sort of distance and area.
Pellet went stright !

T5 the third of the high targets on the banks in woods, rat purched high and long in tree branches, 47m. Gave inside 9 as last one went stright and this one cleared 3!

What do you have to do!?? Kneel?

We had 4 targets to go, finishing on knellers. Our penultimate lane was a 15ml at 8m and another 45m. I decided i would take them kneeling so my back had a break.
Hit both Kneeling
Then hit the last two kneeling as well.

A big well done to Shaun, Sam and all those that helped run the unusual three sessions. We did not finish Session 2 until 4.30pm, believe session 3 finished at 6.55pm. Not the solution for a National round to me.

I heard a few shot out of lane targets yesterday, the lanes along the grass field in some cases had more than two targets easily shootable from the gate.
Solution, lane of yellow targets followed by a lane of white or black plate tagets if more than two targets visable in a lane.
I know on the whole most lanes were paired targets, ie 2 x Rats or 2 x rabbits but I dont think that works. It helps, but shooters sit down on the clock and a target comes into view so they concentrait on it, even though it may not be tright one?
I spotted Phil was lining up on the wrong target in one lane and stopped him shooting it

So, the solutions to my problems today?

1 / Get a rule passed at AGm that all shooting positions have to be flat ground, so that obease shooters are not disadvantaged?
not very lilkey to be passed??

2/ Loose weight? Well thats the goal by germany

3 / dont attend grounds with back sloping shooting positions such as all the lanes in the field were.
That will have to do untill "2" is achieved?

Wind. Not much I could do about it today. There, not there, could not see it. Down the middle? Think me and Phil were either unlucky or just shot a bit crap? Phil missed 19!
If I had hit the wobble shots i might have been a bitmore in it and i think i should in most cases had a 40+ yesterday. Top in our session was 46 so others ( the Slim Real Mark Fisher) managed better than I.

Plus points? Priest, Scope and pellets were spot on so no problems there and great traveling company with Gadget (32) and Arms dealer back in his rightfull seat, who somewho hit 38 with out touching the gun since November, no weighed pellets, no clean barrel or not entirly sure of clicks lol

================================================== ================================================== ===================================

2012 Gp results

Gp1- North Oxon (42)
REV was superb today, dai 36 Exacts stright from tim, no lube or sizeing.
Wind was up

35m for wind (split)
47m -under ranges 2m and gave too much wind
25mm Reducer - low and left (poor follow through)
25mm reducer - gave no wind!
long full kill - no details
40m - under ranged by 2.5 m
Missed the two long (47+42m?) tower shotas for wind

Gp2 -MAD (44)

REV was superb today, dai 36 Exacts + no 27 leup
Wind in open, None in woods as such

long 45m - not enough wind
40m - Went stright (no wind!)
40m STANDER - Happy to hit plate after night out !
32m Reducer (25ml) (split on uphill shot)
32m stander
45m high up tree at top of hill, Gave too much wind (could have stayed inside edge!!)

GP3 -Tawd Vale (44)

Dai 36 and REV + no 27 leup were superb and I dont think the Leup was at fault really,
Hardly any wind


40m - wind
35m STANDER (pulled)
50m (pulled)
40m (Forgot to give wind!)
45 m (over ranged?)
45m (pellet went high, over ranged or Kestrel)

Dai 36 and REV were superb and I dont think the Leup was at fault really, think it was me.

Gp4 - MAD (all woods) (45)

No wind
No 27 scope on "Priest" firing 4.50 sized dai 39 were spot on.

35+m Longish kneeler, (no ballence on uneven slope)
43m - under ranged while struggling with over weight belly on uphill shot
45m - under ranged by 2.5 m, again struggled with high tree shot and ranging/ breathing !!
40m Kneeler - Pulse in arm!
Stander - no details but think abut 30+ m

gp5 Anston (46) = Joint top score + trophy

REV + no 27 leup + dai 36 stright from tin
Propper wind

Noticed on first few targets pellets going low so decided to add +2.5 to anything over 35m (Just had new glasses!)

47m - wind
47m - wind
42m - wind
Reducer - 32m x25mm (snatched at moving target!)

Gp6 tondu (43 - but 44 to me!)

REV + no 27 + die 5 striahgt from tin (could not find d36 at shoot start!!)
Average wind for tondu

40m kneeler (over new pond) - wind
37m - Wind (top pond)
Kneeler - 35m ish (Poor position of knee on stoney ground)
Long 45m+ (gave too much wind over top ponds)
42m - (owl) not enough wind
Technically hit T18, rat up bank twice but lost the hit due to string!
Pipe 45m - Pellet went low, half inch under 6!

gp7 - Emley (43)

Rev + no 27 + d36
Hardly any wind, but head not in it today

45m - bounced off 6 edge
45m - Wind
45 - Gave wind when there was none!
Stander 40 m - may have over gussed range?
30m Reducer 25mm - bad shot, fired when out of kill
45m - wind (half kill, aimed centre!)
Stander - 37m+ (tennis ebow started this shoot)

Gp8 -east Devon (47)

Gp8 East Devon 2012
Mostly in kill, but some good shots in new fallen tree section

47m -wind
40 m up tree - Wind
40m stander - pellet went half inch high despite being rock steady! (duff pellet?)

gp 9 Far coley (45)

50m - over ranged by 2.5m as it was 2.5m
Stander - Short 20m ish, pulled shot instead of taking breather
Stander 40m - (elbow pain)
18m - x 15ml - (low and left, duff pellet)
37+ m Kneeler - Wind!

so to Sum up and how to re-plan the Tondu gp practise course:

Long 30m + standers cost me 9 misses, mix of poor shooting and odd duff pellet?
Long Kneelers , 35m + cost me 5 misses, 2 were wind 3 were bad shots

Thus its easy to see why positional shots are so crucial to Ft and have to be done on alevel playing field, not ones arse!

Maybe a change to the Mr.d standing position on the hampster will help with the standers?
Kneelers, just need to use all the bag when the ground conditions say so.

25ml reducer over 30m, need a bit more care on those.

The long sitters over 45m were where most misses went, but thats FT?

couple of duff pellet shots i am sure but have taken to inspecting pellets for Comp use now instead of just tipping out from a tin.

================================================== ================================================== ===============================

Far Better day today at far coley on what to me was a superb Gp course.

Lanes were for me very well thaught out. Long lanes saw good distance on one or both targets, so if you got something wrong on one you had a chance to adjust for the other in the lane
Short lanes then were perhaps reducers so care more than estimation on the wind was needed.

Disaplines, Standers I made, 32m, 19m, 30, 23, 11 and 25m.
Not far, but I missed two so did Berty so fine for all to at least not be daunted by very ling ranges?

Kneelers, 28m (tree) 30m, 30m (tree) + 25m. Again bemusing how i missed the 30m kneeler on the ground but proof that 40m is not always needed!
Certainly as a AA shooter I thaught all disaplines were hitable and i should have done better.

Not many full over 45m, think furthest i range found was 47m T26.
20 targetrs in the 40 -50 m range (did not seem that many?)
12 t in the 30 -39m
25ml reducer x 6, average distance about 25m
15ml x 2, 15 + 12.5 M

Very enjoyable course, lane to lane saw targets switch which kept you on you toes as to what to do. Best of all my back is not aching and the shooting position did not cost me any targets!
Definatley look forward to going back to far coley.

Top shooting Company witn Peter more (chap i baught no 27 Leup oiff) and young Chris Semmens.
We stated on a standing lane in the bowl at far coley.

Practise in the week had convinced me to shoot REV+no 1 Luep in no 1 stock, die 36 were selected.

A quick visit to John Ostlers house saturday for a mini spring clean of the trigger housing saw one of his smaller Button triggers fitted to Priest, so will to compare on wednesday


T39 was 32m, downward angle but not extreme. Struggled to get steady on it but took my time and thaught when i left the shot go i was in the centre? Pellet struck at about 1 edge. Wind was a factor and could have blown the pellet over a touch, but I think i am snatching the trigger on standers with no 1 Stock.

T49 was one of the bird targets in the field. Not far, 40 m. Gave it inside 3 and the pellet struck 7 edge. Not sure but thinking about it i have doughted the 40m marking on no 1 lueps wheel?
Next target was same distance so just added 2 click, inside edge again and it went down which was nice as T50 was taking alots of misses!

Having just hit the 30m t1 kneeling target that was up in the tree, the 32m T2 looked a safe bet for inside edge, it being on the ground (ish) and less exposed to wind? Inside edge saw pellet strike 3?
Just dont know? Would like to think nothing more than wind i could not see, but it may have been a pellet issue?

As with lane 1, I had just knocked over the tricky looking High t3 at 40m and then come down to ground ish level for t4 @ 42nm. Gave same inside edge (9)l as t3 and again it cleared kill and hit 3 edge. If these had been the old 45ml kills lol


Bad shot
Stander at end of ponds, 30m. On it, felt ok but again i think i snatched it as pellet hit 11 edge!

Bad shot.
Having been mixing it up between my new found slim ability to shoot with jacket done up (lost half a stone since Gp1!) or undone, I was on the long 46m target, cost buttoned up.
Strings bowing as with other shooters and targets and i was steady inside 9 edge which is where i wanted to be.
I was about the shoot when i wobbled and pulled the cross hair to about 20ml out of kill. I decided that would do and shot, only to see the pellet hit exactly where the cross hair was.


White bird up a tree. Me, Peter and Chris later confirmed we all made it 45m / 50 y. Berty said he made it 53/54y.
One of only a handfull of shots i needed to and indeed thus did come out of kill for. Was out about half inch , steady as rock. Left what felt like a sure hit go to see pellet hit 7 edge?
first i thsught i had gone straight, but checking i could see the "new" miss.
Having got the wind fairly well it was anoying to go low, perhaps not carefull enough on range finding now a bit tired and at end of course?

final lane, happy that the score was safe in 40+ .
40m, wind behind and new down the middle would do, so did.
It landed about 1 inch low? Bemused and miffed, swung round to take final target (38), same distance but up a tree. Inside 3 edge hit centre.
shoot over i asked if the other two minded if i had a pot shot at t37. changed nothing, loaded, middle and pellet sailed smack onto cross hair?
Can only think a duff pellet of crap / grit sent the pellet miles off aim?

Happy enough with 42 today as I did not shoot well, especially on disaplines.
Pleased with REV and the way it shot. I only needed to come out for about 6 targets, maybe 8 at a push which is far less than those around me were reporting.

Having now shot both guns in comps they feel about the same for aim points, so happy to report the findings are the same for both barrels now fitted with the stripper

Ball trigger testing Wednesday and then it has to be final choice of which is to Worlds + Gp gun, and which is to be regional gn for this year?
BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

REV26 Ostler Ev2 & x45 comp awaiting a Gary Cane Stock!
Beast Priest Ostler Ev2 & x45 prem ret comp in Warren Edwards stock
If you want the best, Ostler is the man
Pump your Fish, Little or Large
MFTA visitors World championship - Arms dealer 97, Awesime 94, Acid Hands 85

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