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Dunk, you are quite simply a liar!
I am the afore mentioned "big chap" who was shouting out real loud about your kneeling shots.
What total crap. I stood quietly while you took both shots, I didn't butt in or break your concentration in any way. When you had taken the second shot I asked, in a moderate tone and reasonable manner if you were aware that your kneeling position was illegal.
You replied to me that you were not and asked what you were doing wrong.
This must be the part where I made a fuss and put you down, the part where I explained the correct technique of kneelers, so that you could conpete in the future without fear of infringing the rules.
At no time during any of this was I either upset or tense, I love my shooting, so I'm at my most contented when I'm doing it, unlike now, when I am most definately upset and tense.

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