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Default Forts HFT Grand Prix Round 1

Forts HFT Grand Prix Round 1

Some excellent scores considering the weather, well done to mike and R Jefferies for joint winning todays open class with a 55 each and to Colin Wilkinson for a 54 with a springer Cool and for a great first time score Mark Roberts (coolkram) 43

Also thanks to all that helped bring in the course afterwards it is greatly appreciated Grin and to Steve Futcher for donating a new club rifle and a back pack for a prize at the end of the season cheers mate Cool

Right scores


Jordan Houlston 36
Todd Jefferies 35
Bethany c 11


Damion Pacey 48
Paul Jones 39


Colin Wilkinson (Pat Skires )54
Paul Bretland (Ferrets Bueller) 47
Steve Futcher 45
Kelvin Maggs (Rapidbull) 45
Brian Lewis (beesl999) 45
Ciaran S (beanbag) 33

Open class

Mike Turner (mikeygasbag) 55
R Jefferies 55
Andy Jones (andy J) 54
Dave wilson 52
William Jefferies 51
Derek Whittingham (degsey) 48
Ian Bloxham 48
Bill Beamish (Assasin1) 48
Mark dixon 46
Colin Mccraken 43
Mark Roberts(coolkram) 43
Ian mcgrail 42

Overall Fort GP Handicap Leader board Rd 1

+5pts for .22, Junior (J) and recoiling (R)

Colin Wilkinson (Pat Skires) 59 R
Mike Turner (mikeygasbag) 55 O
R Jefferies 55 O
Andy Jones (andy J) 54 O
Damion Pacey 53 .22
Paul Bretland (Ferrets Bueller) 52 R
Dave wilson 52 O
William Jefferies 51 O
Steve Futcher 50 R
Kelvin Maggs (Rapidbull) 50 R
Brian Lewis (beesl999) 50 R
Derek Whittingham (degsey) 48 O
Ian Bloxham 48 O
Bill Beamish (Assasin1) 48 O
Mark dixon 46 O
Paul Jones 44 .22
Colin Mccraken 43 O
Mark Roberts(coolkram) 43 O
Ian mcgrail 42 O
Jordan Houlston 41 J
Todd Jefferies 40 J
Ciaran S (beanbag) 38 R
Bethany c 16 J

Fort Airgun Club

Air Arms Tx200
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