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Originally Posted by Knockedover View Post
I've recently worked on a relatively new LG110 that doesn't have the restricted port but does have an external power adjuster fitted which is designed to bottom out on the back of the hammer and stop the gun cocking if its adjusted to try and take the gun over power. At max it will run at 11.4ftlb. It seems Steyr has tried a few variations to to limit the guns but its useful to see that they have still allowed some user adjustability without being able to go over the top.
Does anyone know, for the Harry Preston official UK imports, from which Serial # have the inbuilt port restriction fitted and/or the external power adjuster bottoming out on the back of the hammer to stop the gun going over the legal limit ?

I only ask, 'cause when these FT guns start hitting the 2nd hand market...well...prices will plummet for the castrated ones, and the i) non port restricted or ii) fully functioning adjuster types - will be worth quite a bit more...and who's the wiser what you get in your hands ?

Also for the fully working external power adjuster FT types (previous generation), could It be as easy & simply a matter of getting a new 'Trigger Guard Cover' to cover over the adjuster , in order to cover your backside per this court case ? .....and if it doesnt quite fit, then perhaps Its a case of a bit of dremmeling on the plastic for a perfect fit. Anyone tried this yet ?

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