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I think on some of the Mk2s the fit was not very good hence the free floating to avoid zero shift because of movement in the air cylider the later models don`t seem quite so fussy.
I had that problem with my MK2 steve when I 1st got it, I soon learnt on my MK1 that the barrel needed to be loose in the muzzel brake so that was the 1st job I did on my MK2, Needless to say the barrel sprung up 2-3 mm on releasing the brake, I sent the rifle straight back to AA even before i put a scope on it as AA supplied it to me, They fitted a new barrel and it has been spot on ever since, They did say it was the 1st bent barrel they had seen, was not to happy that the fitter did not notice this on assembly though.(or he did and could not be bothered to change it)

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