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Originally Posted by 5teve L View Post
Already on that Ryan, emailed Gary yesterday & he said if he can see the way i shoot then maybe he can get some idea on what needs to be taken off, he said that would be worst case & he would obviously need to charge me for this, he suggested that he could take some of the wood from inside & that would be FOC.
I really do love the stock but as it stands I think I'm struggling with it, I'm trying the MK4 to see if i get on better with a more conventional stock shape before I even think about getting it chopped or selling it though.


Steve, It no use letting someone who doesn't shot HFT tell you where you need the wood removing.

If you are unsure yourself then ask a few HFT shooters to look at you shooting it, then let them try it themselves & see if you can come to a decision how it needs modifying.

If you decide you like the shape then you can have some wood easily removed from the inside but the problem is most of the weight that you can remove will be from in front of the trigger guard, if you like a rifle with more weight at the back then this is fine but I prefer them to be more front heavy.
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