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Default Euskadi Experience

Evening all.
Interesting subjet to talk about Greg.
All the shooting meetings in the AFTE ( Euskadi) finishes having a lunch for all the shooters and family who wants come together. A lot of events in Euskadi are celebrated with a final lunch or dinner too.It's cultural in our country.
Restaurants reserved are usualy close to the field used to competition are qualified as 1 , 2 or 3 forks, so not expensive price.
But most important issue is to have the opportunity to talk together with calm, to discuss about new events and to make enough sozialisation to increase the participation in the FT activity not only of the mates, but also of his family members like wife and sons also.
Usualy when we go to the course, we need to tal with other mates, but we don't have time to do it. Is for that the we use the lunch time to talk without the course pressure.
Last Euskadi Open in July'08 Ms.Elizabeth and Mr. Roger Moy had the chance to live in direct those events during four days in Zumarraga. They enjoy very much and were happily surprised for it!. They can give all you his experiences better than myself, so I don't know exactly what do you do after the competition, even you say after shooting all the people take his goods and come back at home directly.
Weather is a limit obviously if you looks to have the lunch in the same field. We don't use neither, even we have good weather in general except this year when the autumn has been horrible.
In our opinion the best solution is to reserv a restaurant quite good and go to have lunch.

I hope this opinion and experience was interesting.

If you have any question don't hesitate to ask me.

Thanks and mis mejores saludos para todo el mundo.
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