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Default Which rifle...confused.

Spent the day with my HW97KTH and a BSA 8-32x44. Tried higher mounts,no good,so fitted medium mounts and shimmed the rear of the scope. Will put up with head alignment for now.Plotted the clicks for various ranges and was amazed at the accuracy of ths method. I had originally intended my AA Prosport for HFT and HW for FT,when i do eventually enter a comp lol.However i can shoot just aswell with either rifle. Hence the title of this thread. Just wondering if i would be better off with 2 AA or 2 HW . They are very different to handle and perhaps i am causing myself a problem needlessly. Another point in passing. The sun was behind and over my left shoulder and the BSA was very milky at high mag. So if i get into FT will need a better scope. I have a thread reference one scope for both shooting formats,that is still a possibility. The most important find of the day was a real surprise to me. I prefer FT style to HFT.I really enjoy learning holdover/under and the number of clicks required at different ranges. I also prefer the sitting position as a stable shooting position. There is a shoot at Newbury this Sunday ,gonna pop down for a look. Still has to be springer though,still not into PCP.
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