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Smile Masters Info


Your entry implies acceptance of these rules...

1. This event is open to all grades of shooters listed on the Current BFTA Grading List.

2. Entries are limited to Current BFTA Registration Cards Holders or registered to receive a card (i.e. has a current BFTA number).

3. The event will generally comply with the BFTA Main Shoot Rules. A Jury of 3 Persons (Current BFTA Card holders) named by the Chief Marshal will settle any dispute. No member of the Shoot Jury may be involved in a decision where he or she is involved as a shooter.

4. Trophies will be provided by the BFTA down to tenth place, with any tied scores being resolved by a shoot-off.

5. All paperwork and the staffing of the Stats Office will be provided by the BFTA.

6. The event will be squadded. Squads of 10 will be identified to the competitors as they book in at the Stats Office. Any competitor not attending the firing line when called will only be allowed to shoot at the Jury's discretion.

7. Marshalling will be Buddy (partner) as per the BFTA Marshalling System.

8. The course will be set out in lanes of two targets in each lane and timing will be as described in the BFTA Main Shoot Rules 2010, Rule 11) TIME PER LANE. Timing will not form part of any tiebreak.

9. The course will be open for shooting to start at 9am.

10. All guns used in the competition may be chronographed, please see current MAIN SHOOT RULES 2010, Rule 3) EQUIPMENT TESTING, for more details.

Roger Moy (Chairman) January 30th 2010. EGM.
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