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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
Rob, got my letter from the BFTA printed off, faxed my import permit along with Andy's and Johnathan's(As i booked us all in together) from work on thursday direct to the police in hungary. Do we also need a letter from the manufacturer's like last year, got Hull cartridge to write me something up last time.
Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Can't hurt But it hasn't been placed on the list of requirements.
As Paul has indicated do we need a manufacturer's letter just for back up ? Do you have a generic Walther one Rob that could be issued ?

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
have you faxed the form off?

i think they're coming via mail... but they need the BFTA letter as well... which I have sent off today.
Yes Rob,

Sent the Hungarian rifle permit forms for me & Neil back to Doki in Hungary.

So from your last post you have sent the copy of the BFTA letters to Doki on our behalf ?? or do we need to do that ??


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