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Default August HFT scores for Christchurch

Right been asked to start sticking these back up on the web so here goes.Been a bit snowed under to be honest .
Scores for August are as follows.

1= Matt Dimmer=57=100%
2= kevin Lindsay=54=95%
3= Nigel Peckham=50=88%
3= Paul Russell=50=88%
4= Dave Hutton=47=82%
5= Craig Lord=43=75%
6= Ben Russell=54=95%
7= Luke saunders=42=74%
8= Rosie Dimmer=41=41=72%
9= Charlie Anderson=40=70%
10= Stuart Readhead=39=68%
11= Charlie crawford=31=54%
12= Kieran=29=51%
13= Jack Rose=25=44%
14= Dylan Bennett=24=42%
15= Jerry=24=42%

Thanks for all that turned up had a good days shooting .
and the cakes were good this month cheers Mrs.Lord darn good of ya.
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