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i waited till the sun shone to pay my entry

lulled into a false sense of security thinking we afternooners would get the better weather.

well it started great in the woods then as i came out to do the trek up the field the heavens opened and the wind a did blow. blow and rain and rain and blow it never stopped till we finished the field and got back into the woods.

the gun was and still is wet the waterproofs seem to have a limit to how waterproof they want to be and the jacket that said shower proof ment only that a light dusting of water if you please.

I felt when i came off the course that id been beaten black and blue with fighting the weather/elements which made for a very testing time i dont think a course has made me use all my energy and thought process so that i hurt.

Well done millride just if the weather says rain and wind please cancel so we can do something a little less taxing.

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