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Ok so straight to the point I got some bad news unfortunately.

I have refrained from posting this before being 100% sure of the situation. So the situation is that our only shooting range that could cater for some decent FT and HFT shooting has been closed down. I will not indulge in any details as this is besides the point. We are now without a shooting range and our guns in the safes without use.

So please if you had any plans for this trip to Malta, at least for now it has to be cancelled. This is very embarassing for me to post this news as I had been really looking forward to meeting and shooting with some of you guys and I had already started doing some planning and checking out about facilitating the importation of your guns when you come over.

I hope that nobody has booked any flights and accomodation specifically for this trip. When I read on this forum about all the shooting opportunities, ranges and competitions in the UK, I realize what a pityfull state Malta is regarding airgun shooting sports since other shooting disciplines like clay pigeon and 10m indoor have many shooting opportunities since they are olympic disciplines where as FT/HFT are not!

Enough with the ranting now, im already enough ****** off with our range situation. We are currently doing our best to try and find other suitable locations for a range and maybe we could finally organize an HFT competition and host UK shooters.

I apologize once again to all who had in mind this trip...............we are doing our best to find a solution and make it up!

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