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The Anglo American is a two day event that consists of two courses, there are no session, all shooters will be shooting at the same time.


1) A 50 shot (25 lane) BFTA spec course, each target being shot once.

2) A 25 shot (25 Lane) American Course, each target being shot twice, the American course consists of targets with Kill Zones from 8mm to 45mm depending upon the range.


You can either shoot the whole event FT or HFT style.

If you shoot it FT style you shoot the BFTA course on Day 1 & then the AMerican course on day 2, all shooting is done strictly to the BFTA rules.

If you shoot HFT style then you shoot the American course of Day 1 & then the BFTA course on day 2.

HFT Rules

The HFT side of the event is run to UKAHFT rules with a couple of exceptions

1) Targets are out to 55y, with Standers & kneelers to 45y
2) There is no course requirement for mandatory supporter positionals.
3) A maximum of 12x scope magnification is allowed.
4) You are allowed to adjust the parallax of your scope before putting your eye to the scope to look at each target. If you forget to adjust your parallax before looking down the scope you may bring the scope away from your eye once to adjust it but you are not allowed to try & use the scope for parallax rangefinding.
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