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NICE ONE NIGE BUDDY. Things are looking up, Dave Benyon has laid the foundations here and all is starting to look really promising indeed. The Trophy of the Bronze British infantryman is ideal for what we have in mind OUR TOP DUDE CLUB MEMBER Andy Compton has generously offered to buy this trophy, typical of Andrew. These parcels will be going to British squaddies on active service so the present idea of the Bronze figurine seems perfect.

I recently had a letter from a lad in the Royal Engineers on BOMB DISPOSAL in Afghanistan. He sent a message after receiving 9 of these AirgunBBS funded parcels stating[ B]INSTANT MORALE[/B] he later added one happy Squaddie and four smiling pals send thanks. Typical of the British soldier these 9 parcels were then whacked out amongst the rest of his unit. So these parcels to put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces.

Clifftop and myself often think while we pack and weigh tape and address these packages of some young hard pressed tired young Squaddie on the receiving end, opening one of these BBS parcels from home seeing the contents of Marmite, Dry Roasted peanuts, Super Noodles, powdered drinks, Sweets etc and a big grin spreading across his or her face. Can we sitting here in the U.K in safety ask for anything else .

After a Fort forum members idea for a name for the comp


I think this would be the ideal name for this new team HFT trophy.

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