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This is a post from Gary Rayson (Grayling BBS) from the fort forum!

Thanks to Dave Benyons tireless efforts over Tawds way and Andrew Comptons from Forts end, things look very postitive for this now 3 way comp and possibly 4 way comp fingers crossed in the near future.

Nige has had some good ideas for a trophy which he has posted links to on the relavent thread. This takes the shape of a bronze figure of a modern British infantryman and IMHO would be the ideal trophy for such an event were the money raised will go to fund morale parcels to send to the lads an lasses at the sharp end in Afghanistan.

Andy has generously offered to buy the trophy that we eventually pick THANKS MATE .

But we still need a good name to call this comp.

Bearing in mind the money raised will go straight to the front line turned into powdered drinks, super noodles, baby wipes, various sweets, marmite, dry roasted pea nuts etc.

My son and I took 28 parcels destined for 3 bomb disposal units and one RAF Chinook crewman to Broughton post office to day that should be in Afghanistan by Friday this week. These parcels were funded by recent AirgunBBS auctions and over the years with the help of similar auctions and the kindness of a lot of ex serviceman and Liverpool residents plus help from one Supermarket my self and good mate and fellow forum member Clifftop have sent around 1500 of these parcels to the former Iraq conflict and Afghanistan. But it gets harder and harder to carry on finding the funds to fill these parcels.

Myself and Cliff recently worked out its now nearing 7.50 to fill some of these parcels especially those containing old favourites like squeezable Marmite, when we first started it was only 5.

So this comp is a brilliant idea and deserves a brilliant name .
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