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Another great Gp round to top a good series, Sywell and attractions

Good size kills, no problems hitting these

They raised the Red flag, this after Holly had raised the White Flag being all mouth and no show Again for the Vintage Shoot off NJR NJR NJR

The field of dreams, or nightmares??

As this 20 ish yard stander did me

I am going to change my name to Osbourne as apparently its easy then to hit these things as demonstrated by Pat

Even James tried hard, though the waiting Lens may have influenced the result?

Best Stock of the day

Whats that you spotted Rob? I may need a big Lens you say?

No, need the Hubble telescope to see that!

You having a little Tickle there Jack?

Andy Dials up for another shot

Not sure of the result?

Its not looking good

My money is on a miss - show Teeth

In the air

The not very Red Barron

there were Spitfires in the air and on the ground, the ground was more fire and spit though

Plane spotting or past out?

Slightly more Red Barron

Flying Vampire

Missing Vampire

Got a bit worried when the Yank planes turned up so ran for cover, thaught we would be in for a strafing attack being on the same side!

Lots of old British Warbirds around Sywell today

The Lancaster was there too

The Garden - Watch your pellets grow an unusual tendancy to miss targets

Its not unusuall for Chubby though!

Nat got herself a ***** to do the leg work, introducing Daisy Darren

Well done Berty on the Raffle prizes, but please try and get McDonalds to donate a Big Mack for 2011 so I have something to win

The banks - No finacial crashes, no plane crashes, Crashed shooters = plenty!

No one mention the kneelers on the banks to me please, now where are my glasses

Crashed and burned??

Only for the brave

As well as a Good score, Little Kev got a leg over

Who was the Moore today??

It can be a long walk back

Remember when your Mother told your "if the wind changed your face would stay like that" - it was changing on the Banks

Trophy Time

Ringer "Ginger Jukes" may have blown it in the Shoot offs, but the raffle was to come

If your going to be taking away lots of prizes, bring a friend to help carry it all.

Tucked away to Work it all out, Thank you ALL that put on a great final days shootingl

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