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Wow...The Tunnel is so good... Me and Jerry were guests of The Tunnel today and we were booked onto the 50m range and spent 2hrs just pleasing ourselves.
When we arrived we were booked in by the lovely receptionist and shown to the 50M range, We got all our kit set out then Richard Clist came up and introduced himself and told us a little history of the place and what a nice and approacable chap he is, He explained all the facilities he has so far which Is the 5 lane 50M range upstairs which is fully airconditioned with toilets of to the right and also a 5 lane airconditioned 25m range which can be converted to 10m air which is downstairs, as Rich said there is also a coaching and viewing room so you can see whats happening. Just behind the coaching room is the toilets which also have full disabled access, walking down the long corrador you come to the gun room/shop on your right and at the very bottom is the well set up cafe with flat screen TV and out side a patio area if you need some fresh air, Just beyond the patio is where the 100m range is to be built which is progressed to start in a couple of weeks and the good news that Richard told us is that they have passed inspection this week to become a centre of excellence for shooting which means they have also secured funding from sport for england so electronic target systems will be put in place with this investment, plus they can host olympic training for team GB and other countries when the teams come over. They also have some nice equipment you can rent to try out on the ranges including a couple of .22 AR15,s. I think the price was 15 for 50 rds. Beats sitting on the beach if your down on holiday. I for one have just been looking for a facility like this and jerry and me had free reign on the 50 m range which meant we could go forward of the line and shoot at differing ranges, My application for membership is filled in already as i want to go FAC and to have one of the best facilties in the country on your doorstep it would be rude not to...To be honest I can't find any negatives about this venue, well OK just one the carpark could be a little small on busy days..
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