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Originally Posted by Globalstar66 View Post

She craps on me for sending the e-mail to OTHER employees, after she doesn't respond to me e-mail for 10 days...and she also can't understand WHY I'm not happy with their solution, using a fish-tank thermometer and different temp markings on an ALREADY cluttered sidewheel....

I just cannot believe these people....

What is the problem with that?
As we know, the Germans are very precise, and each second exploited. It does not fit into that, maybe a letter to two different people can respond. Only they would interfere with the development.

It is precisely because of this impatient shooters failed to complete the development of FT Scope

Too hot in South Africa? Move to Germany! They have solved the problem and, moreover, could live closer to Karen

Stay strong my friend, once they will hire a nicer secretary
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