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After the 3 August e-mail above, I sent them a bunch of e-mails again, asking WHAT this temp scale thing is they keep on referring to, as I live in South Africa, and have never seen it. I'm the ONLY S&B owner in South Africa, and I own 3 of these scopes....

As I didn't get ANY reply from them after 13 August, I sent the same e-mail to 2 other S&B employees, Ralf Hilgers and Udo Brück, hoping THEY would reply to me....

This is the reply I got on Friday 13 August:

Dear Mr Stewart,

first of all my apologies for the delay of the answer. We have been discussing this problem internally thoroughly during the last days with respect to all details. Unfortunately, I can tell you nothing else than already said before. Other customers work quite well with a temperature adjustable scale for distance measurements and are very successful with our field target product. We are really sorry, if this solution does not suit your needs, but it is the only one which I can currently propose.

Please, if you have further questions, contact me – and only me – directly. As I am the assistant to the managing director I can discuss anything directly with him which is the most direct and easiest way of communication on these important topics.

If we can do anything else for you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sorry again for the inconvenience, sincerely yours

Karen Hesse

She craps on me for sending the e-mail to OTHER employees, after she doesn't respond to me e-mail for 10 days...and she also can't understand WHY I'm not happy with their solution, using a fish-tank thermometer and different temp markings on an ALREADY cluttered sidewheel....

I just cannot believe these people....
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