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It's a DISGRACE. These scopes cost as much as a little car almost...

This was the reply I received from Dr Karen Hesse Tuesday, 3 August - asking me why I DID NOT WANT TO USE THE temp scale....and why I was against it. I cannot believe the arrogance of this company - this after I have 3 of these damn S&B FT scopes, and 9 other S&B scopes on centrefire rifles...

Dear Mr. Stewart,

first of all, we are awfully sorry for the long delay in our answer. Schmidt&Bender has always been and will always be interested in every problem and concern of any customer, and therefore we want apologize profusely by our customers for this lag of information during the last months.
The instruction in our letter of using of an temperature adjustable scale on the parallax wheel has been successfully applied by German top Field Target Shooters, and no problems occurred with this during any of their competitions. Thus, may I ask if this method is not suitable for your application, or if there are any reasons against this procedure?

Thank you very much for your time, sincerely yours,

Karen Hesse
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