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Originally Posted by wyseyes View Post
Now here is where the clarification is needed - from the UKAHFT rules above, under Kneeling, halfway down...

"Kneeling - The kneeling position is defined as only 3 points of contact with the ground (2 feet & 1 knee)"

Now this implies that having the whole lower leg in contact with the ground is not allowed.

Then beneath that are four nice pictures. The first two seem to have clear indication of what is right and wrong, with lovely ticks and crosses. But then there are two pictures of kneeling positions, laces up (3 points of contact) and laces down (whole knee-shin-ankle-foot down). Neither of these pics has a tick or a cross, are you saying that they are both correct/allowable and should have ticks?

Seems to me the descriptions of the rule conflicting - one says kneeling has only 3 POC, the next shows a kneeling position which isn't 3 POC.

Has anyone been pulled up for a 'wrong' position? As you say Weevie, local rules are local rules. But when we set up a NZ version, I'd like to be doing it right from the start, so when I travel and shoot in your neck of the woods I can attempt to outshoot you using your rules.
Yes But you are quite right, it is confusing!

I think the rules have been edited when they were revamped and the clarfication has been missed out, because I'm sure it did used to say the "flat foot" was allowed.
Perhaps one of the Petes will take a look at this and see if it needs redoing?
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