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Unfortunatly I am in the same boat but my scope was sent back by the sportsman gun centre and they were supposed to be sorting this out with karen hasse as my scope is sat on her desk, went in to see if my refund has been approved today and karen hasse wants to speak to me personally proberly to give me that BS answer,I left it with the sportsman as they have sent all their stock back aswell.The scope is not fit for purpose and tellling us to adjust the ranges on the scope is just plain stupid, Its hard enough trying to knock down the targets in the two minutes as it is without looking at the temp gauge and wondering where and how much the scope has moved because it was left in the sun and not any shade between lanes. Now I also want to know who come up with that three marker solution so I can punch them in the face the ******* cretin.........They have made an almighty cock up here and they have buried their heads in the sand and suggested an implausable solution to a 2000 problem.I for one will not be excepting their answer and will get my refund.
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