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Originally Posted by Tin Chicken 101 View Post
In my local gun shop there is a Logun Solo .177 with scope and sound mod, for 300. I love the finish on the stock and the general look of it. One thing a few people have said about is the free floating barrel, is this a problem? Seems a very nice PCP and good value for money. Is it good for HFT and hunting e.g. rabbits and pigeons?
Check the serial number. If it's above 6000 you'll probably be okay. If it's below,, I'd give it a wide berth if I were you.

Here's Ora8i's page about the Logun Solo.

I had an early model and it just wouldn't group. I thenh sent it back and Logun sent me a replacement saying there was a problem with the action. I never found out what the replacement could do as I never developed any confidence in the rifle and sold it on.

Personally I'd suggest forgetting the Logun Solo and start looking for a second hand S200. You'll not have any worries with one of those!
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