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After sending dozens of e-mails to S&B, I was eventually told to make different temperature readings on the sidewheel.

This was the reply I received:

"Dear Mr Stewart,

first of all my apologies for the delay of the answer. We have been discussing this problem internally thoroughly during the last days with respect to all details. Unfortunately, I can tell you nothing else than already said before. Other customers work quite well with a temperature adjustable scale for distance measurements and are very successful with our field target product. We are really sorry, if this solution does not suit your needs, but it is the only one which I can currently propose.

Please, if you have further questions, contact me and only me directly. As I am the assistant to the managing director I can discuss anything directly with him which is the most direct and easiest way of communication on these important topics.

If we can do anything else for you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sorry again for the inconvenience, sincerely yours

Karen Hesse"

and then when I asked for my money back today, I got this reply:

"Dear Mr. Stewart,

my apologies for the delay of this answer. Referring to your first and second question, the temperature adjustable scale can be set up in different ways and this is done by the shooters according to the very personal needs. This is also the reason, why we do not produce this scale, as every shooter has very special preferences. In general they have a either a movable scale or some also use different colours for different temperatures. I will ask to get pictures which I can send to you for better demonstration.

Concerning your third question, please understand for the reasons stated above and mentioned in the letter, we will not take the scopes back for refund.

Sincerely yours,

Karen Hesse"

Can you believe that they say each person has their own unique PREFERENCES and personal NEEDS... We just want a damn WORKING scope - for the money we spend on these, you would expect that the thing just works...

The customer service has been atrocious to say the least....
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