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Originally Posted by L-S-R View Post
12ft spread is common. With weighed 3fps shot to shot. Don't go and get chronoitis now, like Rob said if it groups then be happy.
I agree with this, as long at the rifle groups well, then be happy with it.

Some people believe that a gun should be within 5fps variation, some guns are like that, some are not, doesnt mean it is a bad rifle.

If you are going to check it over a chrono, then place the rifle in a rifle stand on vice, then set it up so every shot will be consistant over the chrono. Alot of people hold it when checking over a chrono, which will give you different readings due to the fact the barrel will not be in the exact place every time.

In a vice I would be happy if the rifle was varying 10fps or around that number.

When you do test it, check it with pellets straight out of the tin and then with weighed pellets, to see if there is a difference. I wouldnt look into it too much though as you often find you would never even see 10 fps variation when grouping, youd have to be damn still to be that good......

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